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AngularJS from bower, not loading as framework #299

BabylonSix opened this Issue Mar 7, 2014 · 2 comments

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I did this a few times already,

  1. Created an empty project folder,
  2. Set bower to download jQuery and AngularJS
  3. prepended the necessary JavaScript files to a js file of my choice.
  4. jQuery gets added, as do some other bower libraries, AngularJS does not. I tried several ways of doing this, and to no avail.

Is this a bower thing?
I'm adding Angular code snippets into the code, and nothing is working the way it should, when I link to the AngularJS.js assets directly from the angular website, my webpage starts responding appropriately.

Sublime Text 3 v.3059
OS X 10.9.2
CodeKit 2 v2.0 (16828)
Chrome (latest stable release)

@BabylonSix BabylonSix added the [A] Bower label Mar 7, 2014

Sure, here it is. Sorry if it seems a bit rushed, this is my first screencast ever ^_^
(the video is 25mb, it looks much crisper if you download it)

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