The CodeKit Launcher Plugin for Coda 2
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CodeKit Coda 2 Plugin

This repo contains the source code for the CodeKit Coda 2 Plugin.

The Problem This Solves

You open a website in Coda to edit it, but forget to launch CodeKit and add the project to the app so that your changes are compiled. This plugin does that automatically.

How The Plugin Works

Anytime you open a Coda Site, this plugin looks for a config.codekit file in the Site's local folder. If one is found, the plugin launches CodeKit 2 (if it's not running) and makes sure that folder is in CodeKit as a project.

If no config.codekit file is found in the Site folder, or if you open a file in Coda that is not part of a Site, the plugin starts at the folder containing the file you opened and walks back through every parent folder until it finds one that contains a config.codekit file. When it does, it makes sure that folder is in CodeKit.

Note: if no config.codekit file is found in any parent folder, the plugin does nothing. This means that when you start a new project, you must manually add its folder to CodeKit the first time.

Warning: you should avoid putting config.codekit files in random directories such as "/Users/[your user name]", or this plugin will add that whole folder to CodeKit.


  1. Coda 2.0.1+
  2. CodeKit 2.1.8+
  3. Xcode 6+ on OS 10.9.5+ to build the source.

To build, clone the repo, open it in Xcode and click the "build and run" button. This generates a bundle which you'll find under the "products" folder in the Xcode sidebar. Drag that bundle onto Coda's Dock icon to install the plugin.


The plugin and this source code are released under the MIT License.