This is a project to grab data from open source repos on GitHub.
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Open Sauced

This is a GraphQL starter project to help people stalk open source repositories and take notes on them. This project uses Graphcool as a GraphQL backend, Apollo as the GraphQL client, and Netlify to deploy.

The data fetching from GitHub uses their GraphQL Early Access API exclusively.



1. GraphQL Backend


Setup your GraphQL backend using the graphql-up button at the top of this section. Once your backend is created in Graphcool, copy your GraphQL enpoint using the enpoints link.


2. Retrieve GitHub Access Token

!Important: 👉 To get access to the GitHub early access GraphQL API, fill out the prerelease agreement

You will need a GitHub access token to access the repository data fetching portion of this app. You can find instructions on how to retrieve one on GitHub.


Be sure to allow access to your user information when creating your token.


3. Deploy to Netlify

Deploy to Netlify

Click the deploy to Netlify button and add your GitHub access token and Graphcool Endpoint.


Graphcool Framework

Project Structure

The central configuration of your upgraded Service lives in the graphcool.yml. There, all your permissions, functions and types are tied together. You can find your schema in the types.graphql.


To deploy changes of your service, just execute

$ graphcool deploy



You can read more about the CLI in the new docs Or execute graphcool to see the usage overview.


The graphcool.yml format is described here:


npm test

// to clean snapshots
npm run clean


Authentication is handled through Netlify's Identity service. By default, user registration is open, meaning users can sign up using a form on your site. You can include the Netlify Identity widget in your site to handle this, or build your own form and integrate it using gotrue-js.

Service Worker

This project uses the sw-precache to kickstart an offline cache. The offline cache only registers in production. If service needs to be manually removed make an unregister call from the registerServiceWorker.js import.


SVG Icons are from the open source Feather Icons project.