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This repository contains the markup, images, and website generation tools for Advanced Level Experiemental Physics.

Making Changes

Modifying the Markup

You need Python and Sphinx installed to generate the website. If you have Python, run python -m pip install Sphinx to install Sphinx.

To modify content, make changes to the files in the content/ directory. Generate the website by running make html (.\make.bat html on Windows) on your command line from the root directory of the project, alep/. View your changed content by viewing _build/html/index.html in your browser.

One you have made your changes, commit them. git commit -a

If you have write access to this repository

Push your changes to the repository git push. If you have "merge conflicts", git pull before you git push.

Then, make your changes live. Run make upload (.\make.bat upload on Windows) and enter your Github credentials when prompted to submit your changes to the gh-pages branch. Once this command finishes successfully, your changes will be visible on the website.

If you do not have write access

Submit your your changes as a pull request to the repository (

You can also make note of typos and potential enhancements in the Issues tab of this Github repository.


Advanced Level Experimental Physics



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