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Mar 25, 2014

  1. Thierry Thomas

    Update to today's snapshot.

  2. Bomns3 is an old-school arcade-style tile-based bomb-dropping deathma…

    …tch jam.
    It's still in alpha at this point, so check back as things get fleshed
    out a little more.
    nemysis authored
  3. - Update gstreamer1-libav to version 1.2.3.

    - USES=tar:xz.
    - Remove redundant configure args.
    - Only link with -Wl,-Bsymbolic where necessary.
    - Remove detection of SSE and MMX instruction set support.  This enables
      support for various x86 extensions (SSE2, SSE3,...) in the i386 package.
      CPU support for these is detected at runtime except for MMX.  So the
      i386 package requires at least a Pentium MMX now.  (Does anybody play
      videos with gstreamer on a i486 or Pentium?)
    - Replace ARCH with LIBAV_ARCH everywhere so it doesn't conflict with
      our ARCH. [1]
    PR:		ports/181964 [1]
    tijl authored
  4. - fix build when gettext is installed

    dinoex authored
  5. Renato Botelho


    rbgarga authored
  6. crees

    Update to 6.1.20

    PR:		ports/187573
    Submitted by:	Geoffroy Desvernay
    crees authored
  7. crees

    Fix enterBuild-- also fixed upstream

    PR:		ports/184943
    Submitted by:	Anes Mukhametov <>
    Allow masking of PHP use and markup logs
    PR:		ports/167601
    Submitted by:	Jarrod Sayers <>
    crees authored
  8. Sofian Brabez

    - Update to 1.3.1

    sbz authored
  9. crees

    Fix build on 11-- clang doesn't recognise -fcheck-new, and g++ manpag…

    …e says
    it's nearly always unnecessary anyway.
    Take maintainer
    While here, use pathfix
    crees authored
  10. Steve Wills

    This is an additional class of ruby with conduct processing of missin…

    …g value
    to NArray which is a numeric multi-dimensional array class.
    PR:		ports/187918
    Submitted by:	Shin-ya MURAKAMI <>
    swills authored
  11. Steve Wills

    NArray is an Numerical N-dimensional Array class. Supported element t…

    …ypes are
    1/2/4-byte Integer, single/double-precision Real/Complex, and Ruby Object. This
    extension library incorporates fast calculation and easy manipulation of large
    numerical arrays into the Ruby language. NArray has features similar to NumPy,
    but NArray has vector and matrix subclasses.
    PR:		ports/187917
    Submitted by:	Shin-ya MURAKAMI <>
    swills authored
  12. Sofian Brabez

    - Update to 0.7.1

    - Update pkg-descr
    - Support STAGEDIR
    - Drop FreeBSD 7.x support
    PR:		ports/187521
    Submitted by:	lwhsu
    sbz authored
  13. Steve Wills

    - Update to 1.13.2

    - Add PORTSCOUT restriction to avoid beta builds
    PR:		ports/187933
    Submitted by:	Bartek Rutkowski <>
    swills authored
  14. Steve Wills

    - Updated to 0.55

    - Stage
    PR:		ports/187935
    Submitted by:	Bartek Rutkowski <>
    swills authored
  15. - Add security/heimdal and security/krb5 support and corresponding op…

      - GSSAPI_BASE for base system (default)
      - HEIMDAL_PORT for security/heimdal
      - KRB5_PORT for security/krb5
    Tested by:	redports
    sunpoet authored
  16. - Update to 2.1.1

    - While I'm here:
      - Convert to new options helper
      - Remove deprecated PTHREAD_*
      - No need to print PKGMESSAGE manually
    PR:		ports/187795
    Submitted by:	Rainer Hurling <> (maintainer)
    Tested by:	redports
    sunpoet authored
  17. - Update to 0.031

    sunpoet authored
  18. - Update to 0.4.5

    sunpoet authored
  19. - Update to 0.200006

    sunpoet authored
  20. - Update to 2.10

    sunpoet authored
  21. - Update to 0.00013

    - Sort *_DEPENDS
    - Convert to new options helper
    - Remove USE_PERL5=extract and outdated post-extract:
    - Remove no-op SHA option
    sunpoet authored
  22. - Update to 4.027

    sunpoet authored
  23. - Update to 1.42

    sunpoet authored
  24. - Update to 2.0

    sunpoet authored
  25. - Update to 0.085

    sunpoet authored
  26. - Update to 1.22

    sunpoet authored
  27. - Update to 0.57

    sunpoet authored
  28. - Update to 1.33

    sunpoet authored
  29. - Update to 2.6.0

    sunpoet authored
  30. - Update to version 7.3 [1]

    - Convert to USES=dos2unix [1]
    - Use option helper
    - Simplify do-install target using WWWDIR, COPYTREE_SHARE etc
    - Break lines around 80 characters
    PR:		ports/187407 [1]
    Submitted by:	Naram Qashat <>
    Approved by:	maintainer timeout
    pawel authored
  31. - Update to 1.4.1

    - Convert USE_ZIP to USES=zip
    - Support staging
    PR:		ports/187406
    Submitted by:	Naram Qashat <>
    Approved by:	maintainer timeout
    pawel authored
  32. Instead of patching the code to use /usr/include/iconv.h replace LOCA…

    CONFIGURE_ARGS to get -DLIBICONV_PLUG on FreeBSD 10 with libiconv installed.
    PR:		ports/187907
    Approved by:	perl (mat)
    tijl authored
  33. Import upstream git commit fe57756 to

    fix compilation with devel/readline 6.3.
    PR:		ports/187730
    Submitted by:	Mamoru Iwaki <>
    tijl authored
  34. Mathieu Arnold

    Have OPTIONS_SUB also fill in SUB_LIST.

    Fix two ports that would have been broken with this change.
    With hat:	portmgr
    mat813 authored
  35. - Change Makefile header, use my name and email

    - Use tar:bzip2 instead of USE_BZIP2=yes
    - Remove USE_GL glu
    - Add DOCS Option
    - Change Desktop entry file
    - Break lines around 80 characters
    - Remove not needed @${MKDIR} ${DATADIR}
    nemysis authored
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