A very basic camera slider control program for Arduino
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A very basic camera slider control program for Arduino

This is a very basic camera slider control program for Arduino. It is basically a single axis stepper motor controller. It has a menu driven interface that is acessed via any serial terminal including the one built into the Arduino IDE at 9600 baud. The controller can store up to 24 moves/dwells in EEPROM and replay them later with a button push.

This is the menu that is displayed

0 = Set Current Location as 0

S = Stop now!

D = Disable Motor

E = Enable Motor

H = Home (Move to 0)

M = Move to ..(M Dest Speed Accel)

J = Jog until stopped ('J 1' for positive motion, 'J -1' for negative, 'J' to stop )

I = Info (current parameters)

G = Go (start program)

P = Show Program"

C = Clear Program

L = Edit Line. Format: L Line# Dest Speed Accel) Ex: L 0 2000 3000 1500

Use 0 for destination and speed to indicate end of program

Use 0 for speed to indicate a pause.  Dest is pause in milliseconds

R = Set Max Speed

A = Set Max Accel

V = SaVe to EEPROM

? = Redisplay this menu

Note: This is more of a starter program than a polished contrller. It does have a true timer interrupt step generator that can be the basis of a more comprehensive program.

For a low cost camera slider rig try this one.


The program is currently compatible with these (2) driver shields

http://www.reactivesubstance.com/shop.html (recommended)

http://imall.iteadstudio.com/im120417015.html (not recommended...overheats)