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Git Commit Date Faker

This repository contains two projects used to change the dates of commits in git repositories. It was an evening project to learn interactive rebases better.

By changing the dates of commits in your GitHub repositories, you can win friends and influence people by changing your GitHub contribution graph from this:

github contribution graph without many contributions

to this:

github contribution graph with many contributions

But you shouldn't. I wrote a blog post about building this here.

This currently only works on Windows.


GitCommitDateFaker is a Windows Forms application that uses a combination of LibGit2Sharp and calls to cmd.exe to automate interactive rebases.

It uses LibGit2Sharp for retrieving branches and commits but needs to make calls to the system's installed git through cmd.exe because the specific rebase operations it needs aren't implemented in LibGit2Sharp.

It looks something like this:

screenshot of date faker app


SequenceEditor is a simple console application used by GitCommitDateFaker as the editor supplied to the environment variable GIT_SEQUENCE_EDITOR. Git opens the editor supplied to this variable to open the sequence file where the rebase action (pick, reword, edit, etc.) for each commit is specified.

SequenceEditor reads in the sequence file and changes each line starting with "pick " to "edit ". I couldn't get GIT_SEQUENCE_EDITOR to take a sed script in a normal command window in Windows (like the ones in this Stack Overflow question) so I built this as a replacement.


Change commit dates to look busier on your GitHub contribution graph




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