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query indeed to find job trends
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This project contains two console apps that query in ways not possible through the website.

IndeedKeywordTrends shows the number of jobs for a set of keywords across multiple major cities for different radii. In other words, it can show the concentration of jobs for keywords (e.g. scala, python, angular) by city. It appends all results to the same csv file, so if it is run over time it is possible to see trends for those keywords over time.

I wrote a blog post on using this project to examine trends for specific tech keywords between 7/2015 and 7/2016 .

IndeedKeywordByLocation shows the concentration of job postings by keyword by city. It queries every single job for the specified keyword and then groups them by city so that it is possible to see which city has the highest number of jobs with that keyword. It is more useful for keywords which do not return very many jobs (e.g. TypeScript, WebGL).

All projects retrieve the Indeed API key from a git-ignored "keys.json" file that is copied from the solution directory to the target directory by a post-build action. It looks like the following snippet:

  "IndeedApiKey": 1234567890123456
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