Information hub/marketplace for car parking on IOTA
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The Decentralized E-Car Charge Station Marketplace


  • Advertise private E-car charging stations to public
  • P2P settlement on using IOTA
  • Decentralize E-car charing provides --> incentivize quicker adoption

First PoC for charging stations using IOTA:

Payment approach: trust in IOT device OR pay per minute in advance (worst case: loose payment for a minute)

iotawrapper functions

IotaWrapper class
iota = IotaWrapper(url, seed)
  • url: url for the test server
  • seed: seed you got for your wallet
  • returns: node_info
Send transfer
iota.send_transfer(transfers, inputs, depth, min_weight_magnitude)
  • transfers: array of transfers (check
  • inputs: information about your wallets etc (optional)
  • depth: default value 3
  • min_weight_magnitude: default value 16
  • returns: bundle dictionary