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data itunes graph: include tracks with no album or artist

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LinkArrows: shows how to create iTunes link arrows.

iTunes link arrows

Using_UITabBarController: shows how to load a UITabBarController from a separate XIB.

UITabBar app

BDAuthorizePrefPane: shows how to use SFAuthorization to lock/unlock a prefpane with security credentials.

Authorize Prefpane

SyncingArrows_iPhone: shows how to recreate iTunes rotating arrow icons that show an iPod/iPhone is syncing in an iPhone app.

SyncingArrows iPhone

SyncingArrows: shows how to recreate iTunes rotating arrow icons that show an iPod/iPhone is syncing.

SyncingArrows Mac

BDCoreAnimation_iPhone: demos two simple animations: a flying icon and a yellow fade in the UITableView on the iPhone.

CoreAnimation iPhone

BDCoreAnimation: demos two simple animations: a flying icon and a yellow fade in the source list.

BDCoreAnimation Mac

NSTableView_setObjectValue: leverages NSTableView's setObjectValue: data source selector to insert the controller in the view-model bindings path.


Two_NSButtonCells_in_NSTableView: demos two NSButtonCells in an NSTableView and how to enable the space bar action on them


UIScrollView_in_UIScrollView: deals with embedding a UIScrollView in a UIScrollView, like a UITextView in a UITableView


ProgressInNSTableView: embeds NSProgressIndicator (both continuous and discrete) in an NSTableView (or NSOutlineView)


BDAuthorize: shows how to use Cocoa's Security framework to perform root-level operations like privileged writes and sudo commands.


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