A ruby gem that can convert HTML to formatted plain text.
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HTML To Plain Text

gem install html_to_plain_text

A simple gem that provide code to convert HTML into a plain text alternative. Line breaks from HTML block level elements will be maintained. Lists and tables will also maintain a little bit of formatting.

  • Line breaks will be approximated using the generally established default margins for HTML tags (i.e. <p>

tag generates two line breaks, <div> generates one)

  • Lists items will be numbered or bulleted with an asterisk

  • <br> tags will add line breaks

  • <hr> tags will add a string of hyphens to serve as a horizontal rule

  • <table> elements will enclosed in “|” delimiters

  • <a> tags will have the href URL appended to the text in parentheses

  • Formatting tags like <strong> or <b> will be stripped

  • Formatting inside <pre> or <plaintext> elements will be honored

  • Code-like tags like <script> or <style> will be stripped


require 'html_to_plain_text'
html = "<h1>Hello</h1><p>world!</p>"
=> "Hello\n\nworld!"