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Details on this project are at:

I have an early 1990's garage door opener that does all of the things you need a garage door opener to do (it... opens the garage door). However, the remotes are the size of cinder blocks and I never have one with me when I need it, so I decided to find a way to use my phone instead.

These scripts provide a simple web interface that is responsive, so it works well on a phone web browser and provides a simple way to access your garage door (or whatever else you want to connect to the relay).

I strongly suggest you only run this on a local network if you are using it on something like a garage door becuase it was not built with security being a concern and why the hell would you want to open your garage door when you are not near your garage door?


You need a webserver that can run PHP and the ability to run Perl from a command line.

This setup assumes you copied all files into your website directory at /var/www/html/garage/ - adjust accordingly if that's not what you did.

The web interface is in PHP (sorry), but that doesn't handle serial ports, so a helper program in Perl (more sorry) actually talks to the serial interface. The Perl program uses the package Device::SerialPort.

On Ubuntu / Debian: sudo apt-get install libdevice-serialport-perl

To make the serial interface accessible, you need to make the serial port accessible by the web user or grant sudo access to the script. You can add the web user www-data to the dialout group, or if you want something a little less secure, use visudo and add this line: www-data ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /var/www/html/garage/garageinterface

Make sure the file garageinterface is executable, chmod a+x garageinterface


Many thanks to my wife Stephanie, for putting up with years of me (unnecessarily) connecting all the things to a network.

The CSS theme is Industrious, the source is

Some unused assets were removed from the theme to save space. Their credits are below.

CanaKit UK1104 USB Relay Controller

The CanaKit UK1104 manual is online here:

Original Credits from Industrious Theme

Image Credits

All images courtesy of Unsplash (

Video Credits

Video courtesy of Coverr (


A web interface for the CanaKit UK1104 relay, used to control a garage door opener



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