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Sarasa Gothic (更纱黑体 / 更紗黑體 / 更紗ゴシック / 사라사고딕)

This is SARASA GOTHIC, a CJK programming font based on Iosevka and Source Han Sans.

To build

You need Node.js (version 12 or newer), otfcc, AFDKO and ttfautohint installed, then run:

npm install

after the NPM packages are installed, run

npm run build ttf

to build the TTF files, it would be in out/ttf directory.

To build TTC, type

npm run build ttc

instead, the files would be in out/ttc directory.

Please note that you will need a lot of memory to create TTCs, due to the huge quantity of subfamily-orthography combinations.

What are the names?

  • Style dimension
    • Latin/Greek/Cyrillic character set being Inter
      • Quotes (“”) are full width —— Gothic
      • Quotes (“”) are narrow —— UI
    • Latin/Greek/Cyrillic character set being Iosevka
      • Em dashes (——) are full width —— Mono
      • Em dashes (——) are half width —— Term
      • No ligature, Em dashes (——) are half width —— Fixed
  • Orthography dimension
    • CL: Classical orthography
    • SC, TC, J, K, HC: Regional orthography, following Source Han Sans notations.