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This is the unity plugin for integrating into your Unity3D app. To understand how to integrate into your app please follow the instructions and and run the demo.

How to run the demo on iOS

  1. Open the project in Unity either from "File->Open Project" or by double clicking the package file "beachfront-io-unity-ios-sdk.unitypackage"

  2. Open menu "File->Build Settings..".

  3. Select iOS Platform and Hit "Build".

  4. Enter XCode project name and click "Save".

  5. Open built project "Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj" with XCode.

  6. Inside XCode: right click "Unity-iPhone" project and select "Add Files to Unity iPhone".

  7. Select BFIOSDK.embeddedFramework in the root folder of our repository.

  8. Build and Run the app.

  9. Test application running on device by tapping on "Show Ad" Button.

Have a bug? Please create an issue on GitHub!