Beachfront reach iOS SDK
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Reach Player SDK Native iOS

The beachfront-reach-sdk-ios component enables embedding the reach player into native environments.

Getting Started

BFReachSDK can be added to any project in a matter of minutes.

Installing the SDK

  1. Get embeded id if you don't already have one.
  2. Download the SDK and drag-drop the BFReachSDK.embeddedframework into your Xcode project folder.
  3. In the "Build Phases" section of your project target, navigate to "Copy Bundle Resources" and make sure 'BFReachSDK.bundle' is listed. If not, find it under the Resources folder in BFReachSDK.embeddedframework and drag it in.
  4. In the "Build Phases" section of your project target, navigate to "Link Binary with Libraries" and add the BFReachSDK.framework to the list (if not already there).
  5. While you're still in "Link Binary with Libraries" add the frameworks:
    • BFReachSDK.framework
    • MediaPlayer.framework
    • CoreGraphics.framework
    • UIKit.framework
    • Foundation.framework
    • CoreTelephony.framework
    • AdSupport.framework
    • SystemConfiguration.framework
  6. IMPORTANT: In the "Build Settings" section of your project target, navigate to "Other Linker Flags" and add '-ObjC' if not already present.

  7. Import the framework header wherever you want to show an Ad.

 #import <BFReachSDK/BFReachSDK.h>

Using BFReach player (inline)

Create BFReachView instance:

@property (retain, nonatomic) BFReachView *player;

To Initialize BFReachView for Inline

- (void)getReachView 
   [BFReachSDK getReachViewInView:self.view inRect:CGRectMake(5, 200, 310, 180) AppID:YOUR-APP-ID adUnitID:YOUR-AD-UNIT-ID videoID:YOUR-VIDEO-ID playerID:YOUR-PLAYER-ID success:^(BFReachView *reachView) 
        [self.view addSubview: reachView]; /* insert Reach view to your view */
        [reachView resume]; /* play video */
       failure:^(NSError *error){
            /* error handling */ 

Pausing, Resuming, Dismiss

[reachView dismiss]; // player dismiss
[reachView resume]; // player resume
[reachView pause]; // player pause

Listening for Events

Optionally register for BFReach events by adding your controller as an observer to the following SDK notifications:

Ad events

Fires after ad started
Fired after ad paused
Fired when ad is resumed
Fired when ad is ended
Fired when ad has started request
Fired when ad has clicked

Content events

Fires after content video starts playing
Fires after content video paused
Fires after content video resumed
Fired when content video is ended

Fullscreen events

Fires after content video switch to fullscreen
Fires after content video switch to inline

Check out the Examples

Also see the sample app 'BFReachSDKExample' included in the SDK download bundle. It contains clear examples on how to show reach player and register for events.


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