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Beach Api Core Engine

Beach API Core Engine is designed to provide out of the box, a full range of features necessary to build backend Services and API's to power the next generation of User Experiences - from Mobile applications, modern Web Applications, Enterprise SaaS products, chatbots, voice bots, IoT devices and more.

Heck, it's designed to be the foundation of a complete micro-services architecture for your business.

This Engine is designed for organisations and teams that want to focus on building out their Domain Specific knowledge and functionality and bringing these services to their audiences faster and more effectively than ever before.

Not only does Beach API Core give you rich Development features, it also present new Business opportunities, enabling to to control how Developers interact with your API services, under subscription plans which you define, with Developer accounts and Sandboxed Applications - opening new Channels for your business Services.

It's designed so that your own custom business domain logic can sit in its own Engine and interact with this Engine's features (in many, many ways!), so you can keep your valuable intellectual property private, secure and seperated from all this stuff.


  • Single Federated User Identity with Permissions Scopes
  • User Roles & Policies
  • Invitations & Memberships
  • Developer OAuth Applications
  • Existing Models / Classes / Relations for popular use cases - Organisations, Teams, Projects, Favourites, Interactions etc.
  • Jobs Scheduling Service
  • Email Service with Templating
  • Permissions Service
  • Webhooks
  • Entity mapping for external integrations that want to consume Platform Services
  • Auto Generating Documentation
  • Real-time websockets notifications & Chat service
  • Developer Accounts - Define Pricing Plans for consumption of your API
  • Payments & Subscriptions - Enable app Developers to define Pricing Plans for their client Applications
  • Services & Integrations - exposing Engine functionalities and 3rd party integrations through Service wrappers


If you want to use elasticsearch you need to start sidekiq in your main app for elasticsearch query. For cloud66 you can add to your main project's Procfile:

worker: env RAILS_ENV=$RAILS_ENV REDIS_URL=redis://$REDIS_ADDRESS bundle exec sidekiq -q elasticsearch

In order to send emails using Emails API endpoints you need to start sidekiq queue in your main app for email query. For cloud66 (which we recommend!) you can add to your main project's Procfile:

worker: env RAILS_ENV=$RAILS_ENV REDIS_URL=redis://$REDIS_ADDRESS bundle exec sidekiq -q email

To use Jobs API you need to run rake task from your main app:

$ rake beach_api_core:jobs:cron_init

And launch sidekiq job query:

worker: env RAILS_ENV=$RAILS_ENV REDIS_URL=redis://$REDIS_ADDRESS bundle exec sidekiq -q job


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'beach_api_core', git: ''

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install beach_api_core

Next, you need to run the generator:

$ rails beach_api_core:install:migrations


To use elasticsearch for storing models data and for search you need to set ELASTICSEARCH_ENABLED ENV variable to "true" inside of your main app.

After that you can include ::BeachApiCore::Concerns::ElasticsearchIndexable module to your model to trigger sidekiq to reindex elasticsearch data. You can specify serializer class for elasticsearch index inside of your model as:

elasticsearch_serializer '::SomeNamespace::SomeSerializer'


run migrations:

rake app:db:create
rake app:db:migrate
rake app:db:test:prepare

run seeds:

rake beach_api_core:seed


Steve - Beach Core Team Vital - Beach Core Team Kate - Beach Core Team


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.