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Sample CareKit iOS application
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Introduction to CareKit Sample

The Introduction to CareKit sample is a demonstration of Apple's CareKit framework. Explore the six CareKit modules and a fully-featured health app to track a user's wellness.

This sample is part of a full 3-part CareKit tutorial available at

Running the Sample Project

Navigate to your desired directory and clone the repository (and CareKit as the submodule):

git clone --recursive

For a specific part, clone it from one of the branches:

git clone -b part-1 --recursive


This sample is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE.txt for more details.


If you have any questions or encounter any bugs, feel free to open an issue.

This sample is provided by Beachside Coders™. Beachside Coders provides high quality resources for iOS development from comprehensive tutorials to consulting services. For additional iOS resources, please visit

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