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Beacon Biosignals


  1. Onda.jl Public

    A Julia package for high-throughput manipulation of structured signal data across arbitrary domain-specific encodings, file formats and storage layers

    Julia 28 2

  2. Legolas.jl Public

    Tables.jl-friendly mechanisms for constructing, reading, writing, and validating Arrow tables against extensible, versioned, user-specified schemas.

    Julia 11 1

  3. Fuzzy search of documents

    Julia 15 1

  4. Performance evaluation tools for multiclass, multirater classification models

    Julia 7 1

  5. PyMNE.jl Public

    Julia interface to MNE-Python via PyCall

    Julia 14 3

  6. EDF.jl Public

    Read and write EDF files in Julia

    Julia 12 6