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Would be happy to contribute these two pretty straight forward examples for things people might want to do with the BeagleBone's PRU: blink LEDs!

Where I'm coming from and observations on getting here are described here:

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Don't break the building of the existing demo apps--make your addition a pure addition.

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Also, be sure to include a signed-off-by entry as well as keeping your commits properly authored.


Hey Jadon. Getting back to this. What do you mean "include a signed-off-by-entry" and "keep your commits properly authored"?

Got the DMX bit banging working and tested in the field. Would like to get this out to everybody.


(1) I made my changes "addition only".

(2) git signoff appears to be an extra tag in the commit metadata that usually is done in kernel development... is this a liability concern because it's TI's git repo? how do i go back and sign off my prior commits? or are you just asking for a small commit with one signoff?

(3) yes, I see now that I have three authors, one of whom is called root (these are the commits from the bbone). :P Bleh, do you want me to fix that? I see there's a fix here I gave it a shot but it's pretty nasty! The other option I guess I could do is a fresh fork, apply a patch of my changes, and flatten the commit history.

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Looking at it, I don't think I can merge in the changes even if you fixed up the author information for me. I think I need to leave this code base as cleanly released from TI for now and just have people reference your repo for additions.


Okie doke.

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