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This software is provided AS-IS, without any warranties expressed or implied,
including the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and of
merchantability.  All content is Copyright (C) 2008 by Jason Kridner, except
where otherwise noted.  I'll provide a public license as soon as someone lets
me know they want to do something with this code.

This project is called and was built for the purpose of hosting and evolving into a method for aggregating project
activities useful for other open source projects.  The problem to ultimately
address is the need of watching lots of projects related to one project, but
not get overwhelmed by unrelated project information. At some point, this
project may be renamed to jMCML or j1950 or something else that gives it
meaning beyond

The source can be found at


git clone git://




* Logbot could point to the .jar/.cab files.
* Root/login_action could use 'target' to forward.
* Turn board right-side up in the Product Details page.
* Registrant should not ever be an editable field.