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Joel's changes in the format of a proper pull request. Unfortunately, I've needed to disable them due to a compilation failure at configuration time (missing Kconfig file).

jadonk added some commits Nov 21, 2012
@jadonk jadonk hdmi: pulled in patches from Joel
hdmi-for-koen from:

Also set config:
(1) CONFIG_OMAP_RESET_CLOCKS=n so that clock framework doesn't turn off the LCDC clock.

Did not have Kconfig to be able to set:
(2) CONFIG_NXP_TDA998X_OLD=y to build the HDMI driver.

Unable to build due to lack of drivers/video/nxp/Kconfig.
@jadonk jadonk Disabled HDMI patches due to build failure 39d31ba

I think the Kconfig didn't get git added and hence not git pushed to the for-koen branch. Let me update it in my tree and reply. Thanks for creating a pull request


Kconfig added, it was an untracked file in my repository. Rebased the hdmi-for-koen branch in git://github.com/joelagnel/linux-kernel.git to include the Kconfig in fb5bd92d7ff045505fcf9bee5866dea04710d690

@joelagnel joelagnel closed this Nov 21, 2012

Closed, as I sent a new pull request

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