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Click boards™

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Click boards™ are a flagship hardware product line of MikroElektronika - over 600 add-on boards for interfacing microcontrollers with peripheral sensors or transceivers. These boards conform to mikroBUS™ – a standard conceived by MikroElektronika.

See for information on how the support is looking to evolve.

We do not make any claims of compatibility nor adherence to their specification. We've just seen that many of the Click Boards "just work". This page is meant to document the ones someone has tested.

Check the System Reference Manual - mikroBus socket section on where to physically connect the Click boards.

Check the Device Tree Support for Click Boards project entry for information on how the overlays below are generated and how this wiki page is maintained.

Some of these Click Boards require the latest version of bb-cape-overlays, so make sure to double check your installed version:

debian@beaglebone:~$ dpkg -s bb-cape-overlays | grep '^Version:'
Version: 4.4.20170927.0-0rcnee1~stretch+20170927


U-Boot can currently load up to 4 overlays thru /boot/uEnv.txt


To load an overlay, remove the # and replace the <fileX> with the matching name.

Table of contents


USB UART click

  • bb-cape-overlays: (none required)
  • Kernel: (minimum version: 4.4/4.9/4.14)


ETH click

ETH WIZ click


OLED B click

OLED C Click


microSD click


RTC click

RTC5 click

RTC 6 click


MPU 9DOF click

Weather click

Thunder click


GNSS 4 click

GNSS 5 click (with pps)