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Iain Hamilton
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HTML5 Canvas Tile Engine


This repo contains an MIT Licensed Isometric HTML5 tile engine Copyright © 2014 of Iain Hamilton.

For a list of examples and further details checkout: http://jsiso.com


Currently contained features are:

  • Implements AMD through RequireJS
  • Easily build complex isometric 2D.5 layouts or flat 2D layouts
  • Tiled Editor format support
  • Unlimited layer stacking
  • Isometric heightmaps
  • Auto scaling of image dimensions
  • Spritesheet and individual one by one tile image loading
  • RGBA tile values
  • Zooming
  • Rotating
  • Simple Collision
  • AI Pathfinding using Web Workers
  • Custom built Particle Engine
  • Easy fake lighting
  • Player vision limiting
  • Simple player device interaction
  • Apply the same code accross tile formats

Setup Instructions:

1: In each of the samples .html you'll see: <script data-main="../../config.js" src="../../requirejs/require.js"></script>. If you move JsIso and RequireJs location this will require updating.

2: config.js contains the requirejs baseUrl set as "/isometric/" by default. Make sure this reflects your base path to the folder containing JsIso & RequireJS.

3: That should be everything.

Particles particles

Pathfinding (All cuboids apart from blue are AI) Pathfinding calculations are handled via webworkers. ai

Fog of view and lighting toggled on (blue cuboid represents player) lighting

Basic dynamic lighting with-lighting

Lighting toggled off no-lighting

Height Maps, Rotation, Auto Shadows, Zoom new-screen

Previous tile map zoomed out new-screen2

Early Screenshot 1 screen1

Early Screenshot 2 screen2