Bullfrog compiles a subset of Python to x86 assembly.
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#Description# Bullfrog compiles a subset of Python to x86 assembly. It's a fork of a project written by Josh Wepman and me for a compiler construction course at the University of Colorado. #Future# The compiler construction course was a trial by fire, and resulted in some messy, but functional, code. I forked off the original project, and now I'm slowly working my way through each stage, refactoring the compiler into something presentable.

#Usage# Compile source.py into asm.s (a text file containing the compiled x86 asm):

python compile.py source.py asm.s

Enable tail call optimization:

python compile.py -O source.py asm.s

-h for help.

#Credits# Josh Wepman wrote at least half of the original code.

Christopher Clark wrote the C hashtable library.

The runtime libraries were supplied to us as part of the course.