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Overview: Beamable SDK Examples

This example project demonstrates small, functional code snippets of specific Beamable features and services. It is not a complete, sample project game.

Included are examples for many Beamable features and services. However, the Beamable Microservices Examples repo is available separately.

Project Configuration

Project Structure

  • - This README file
  • client/ - Open this folder in the Unity Editor
  • client/Packages/ - Dependency package files for the project
  • client/Assets/ - Core files of the project
  • client/Assets/3rdParty/ - Dependency asset files for the project
  • client/Assets/Examples/ - Contains one Scene per feature. Open in the Unity Editor to play the game!

Beamable SDK

  • Included: This project includes the Beamable SDK for Unity
  • Version: The latest public release as of each GIT commit

What is Beamable?

Beamable is the low-code option for rapidly adding social, commerce, and content management features to your live game. Learn how to do that with Beamable's online product documentation.

Got feedback?

Let us know what you think or ask any questions you might have.
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A Beamable Example Project of code snippets. Each is an isolated Scene with MonoBehaviour. This repo is not a full Sample Project game.




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