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This is the BEAM Community page for 2015 projects.

Accepted Projects

This section lists down the projects accepted in GSoC 2015, in the BEAM community. You can check the result of each project below.

Zotonic - Simplified and Secured Logins

The idea behind this project is promote easy login process for by using Erlang as it's programming language. With increasing web applications, there needs to be way for users to login which is more hassle free. Moreover this needs to be secure and safe.

This is achieved by multi-factor authentication system in which user is verified multiple times, firstly by username and password and after that authentication by user's email(by sending a link having uuid connected to it) or an OTP(One time password) sent to his mobile phone.The aim of the project is to provide more security to user's account but with the main goal to make authentication more user-friendly and easy-to-use.

  • Student: Anant
  • Mentor: Arjan Scherpenisse

Source code:

Ejabberd - Grapherl : stats aggregation & graphing

Grapherl is a stats aggregation and on-demand graph generation system. Leveraging the legendary power of Erlang/OTP, it is designed (discussed further) to be real-time & highly scalable and customizable allowing its users to control each and every aspect as they seem fit. Grapherl is intended but limited to gather and represent metrics aggregated from ejabberd servers as its designed to be serviceable to any other application producing metrics like gauge, counter or timing values.

  • Student: Vanshdeep
  • Mentor: Mickaël Rémond

Ejabberd - XEP-0357 app server

I want to continue implementing XEP-0357 (Push) as an ejabberd module. The app server part shall be reusable by other XMPP servers.

  • Student: Christian Ulrich
  • Mentor: Holger Weiß

Source code: and

Elixir - NoSQL adapters for Ecto

The goal of the project is to explore possibility of Ecto supporting NoSQL databases and creating a NoSQL adapter. I plan to divide time spent on the project into three main parts: - Creating MongoDB adapter - Extending support for SQL databases - Native MongoDB driver or other NoSQL adapters.

  • Student: Michał Muskała
  • Mentor: José Valim

Elixir - Project Jupyter integration

iPython has gained more and more traction in the Python community with its rich environment for programming. Recently, the iPython project evolved into the Jupyter Project, which aims to provide the same rich environment, not only for Python, but for a diverse range of programming languages.

Many languages have already started to integrate with the Jupyter Project, like Julia, Haskell and Erlang. The goal of this project is to provide integration with the Elixir programming language.

Expected results: Basic integration with the Jupyter Project

  • Student: Piotr Przetacznik
  • Mentor: José Valim

Source code:

MongooseIM - Implementation of XEP-0322

The main goal of my project is to add support for EXI to MongooseIM. This will also require extending the Escalus XMPP library with the ability to communicate with MongooseIM using EXI.

  • Student: Piotr Ociepka
  • Mentor: Michał Piotrowski

Participating OSS projects

  • Elixir
  • Ejabberd
  • MongooseIM
  • Zotonic