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A Beame docker environment for proxy related tests
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Beame behind a proxy

This repository is intended for testing purposes in order to test beame gatekeeper and insta-ssl behind a proxy. Sligthly changed versions of the and of the are used for it and are locally present.



building docker repositories

make build

running environment (docker-compose)

make envup         # docker-compose up 
make envdown    # docker-compose down

In some environments docker-compose can be called docker.compose, make a symbolic link or change the Makefile accordingly

accessing gatekeeper

From another bash run in the same folder

make gatekeeper

acessing insta-ssl

From another bash run in the same folder

make insta-ssl

whats next?

Both machines have then to be filled with the right beame token and configured from there on.

Don't forget to configure the http://squid:3128 proxy inside the gatekeeper ui in order to make it go via the proxy.

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