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add make fast and make sh

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1 parent 75d458b commit 3a0615d257167501fba8e2a67c432ab6cbeac54f @gleber gleber committed Oct 20, 2012
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16 Makefile
@@ -22,7 +22,11 @@ ZMQ_FLAGS=
-all: compile
+all: compile
+ @erl -pa ebin/ deps/*/ebin/ -s reloader -eval "d:err()"
@git submodule init
@@ -32,28 +36,30 @@ deps/zeromq2/.git/HEAD:
@git submodule init
@git submodule update
-deps/v8/libv8.a: deps/v8/.git/config
+deps/v8/libv8.a: deps/v8/.git/config
cd deps/v8 && $(V8ENV) scons $(V8FLAGS)
deps/zeromq2/src/.libs/libzmq.a: deps/zeromq2/.git/HEAD
@cd deps/zeromq2 && ./ && ./configure $(ZMQ_FLAGS) && make
dependencies: deps/v8/libv8.a deps/zeromq2/src/.libs/libzmq.a
+ @./rebar get-deps
test: compile
@./rebar eunit skip_deps=true
dbg-test: compile
@USE_GDB=true ./rebar eunit skip_deps=true
-compile: dependencies
- @./rebar get-deps
+compile: dependencies fast
@EXTRA_CFLAGS= ./rebar compile
debug: dependencies
@EXTRA_CFLAGS="-g3 -O0 -DERLV8_DEBUG" ./rebar compile
-rm c_src/*.o

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