User interaction building blocks for React
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User interaction building blocks for React


This library defines simple building blocks for coding complex interactions.


  • declarative, JSX-oriented
  • some assembly effort required
  • extra care to avoid timing bugs
  • composition using function-as-child technique

Core areas:

  • DOM interaction affordances
    • Focusable: track DOM focus state for an element and all of its children
    • Hoverable: track DOM mouse hover status
    • Pressable: track mouse click and touch status for gestures and dragging
  • abstract interaction state
    • Data: request data on demand and asynchronously wait for result
    • Op: trigger long-running action and report its results to the user
    • Task: status tracker started and stopped via user events (for e.g. dropdowns, popups)
    • Timeout: basic timeout state triggered via prop

Op Usage

Simple usage example of the Op component:

    action={() => doSomethingReturningPromise()}
    then={result => doSomethingElseUnlessAlreadyUnmounted(result)}
    {(currentOp, lastOp) =>
        <form onSubmit={() => currentOp.invoke()} action="javascript:void(0)">
            {lastOp && lastOp.isError
                ? <var>Please try again! Error: {lastOp.value}</var>
                : null

            {currentOp.isPending ? <Spinner/> : null}

            ... input elements, etc ...

            <button type="submit" disabled={currentOp.isPending}>Submit</button>