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Dev Goodies

Collections of utility scripts for Bash and Git.

We find these scripts useful when developing our products. Hopefuly you'll find them useful, too!

Here's what we have to offer:

Git scripts

  • bin/git-cherry-files: Similar to git cherry-pick, but lets you specify just the files you want from the commit.

  • bin/git-hatchet: Takes a commit on a branch and chops it up into multiple commits across multiple branches, based on file paths.

  • bin/git-integrate: Rebases another branch onto your current branch, merges it in, and deletes the old branch. Useful for cleanly bringing in changes in your local-only feature branch.

  • bin/git-j: A faster, easier, and more powerful way to navigate between branches in Git.

  • bin/git-rebase-chain: Like git rebase, but handles rebasing lines of branches all in one go, safely.

  • bin/git-stage-branch: Creates a staged branch containing a single commit, based on a tree full of commits.

  • dotfiles/gitconfig: A series of aliases useful for Git, especially in conjunction with our other handy Git scripts.

Other scripts

  • bin/find-unused-c-includes: Finds all #include statements in C/C++ files that are no longer needed.

  • bin/pywhere: Displays the path to the named Python module.

  • bin/wpatch: Applies a patch stored on a remote HTTP server.


Scripts and tools for source trees and refactoring work



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