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Virtualenv is a great tool for creating isolated Python environments, for development or production installs.

One problem: It's not always easy to create a development environment supporting multiple versions of Python. Particularly on a Mac, where there are implementation details keeping an environment from really handling two versions of Python.

This script fixes this annoying little problem, easily setting up a virtualenv to work with multiple versions of Python.


To install, run:

$ pip install virtualenv-multiver


Usage is simple. Simply run the script with the path and the list of Python versions. For example:

$ virtualenv-multiver my-environment 2.6 2.7 3.4

You can run this to create a new environment, or you can run it on an existing environment to convert it to a multi-Python environment.

Who's using it?

We use virtualenv-multiver at Beanbag to help with the development and packaging of Review Board.

If you use virtualenv-multiver, let us know and we'll add you to a shiny new list on this page.