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dvd_info - a set of utilities for accessing DVDs


* dvd_info - display information about a DVD in human-readable or JSON output,
	disc title, disc ID, disc chapters in OGM container format

* dvd_copy - copy a DVD title to the filesystem

* dvd_drive_status - display drive status: open, closed, closed with disc,
	or polling (support depends on operating system)

* dvd_backup - back up an entire DVD to the filesystem

* dvd_player - a small DVD player using libmpv as backend

* dvd_trip - a small DVD ripper using libmpv as backend

* dvd_debug - print debug information about a DVD


* libdvdread >= 4.2.1 (libdvdcss required for decryption)


  * See man pages for each program

The git repo on github is intended to build from a straight pull. There
are programs I'm working on that are not in the yet (or there are
more than are in the repo). You can, of course, try to build it, but I don't
target releases here.

If you're going to do a lot of reads on a disc drive, I'd recommend mounting it
so the access can be cached -- this is especially helpful when using / testing
dvd_copy a lot to get chapters, titles, etc.

  # mount /dev/sr0 -o ro -t udf /mnt/dvd

Depending on your luck / region / disc drive / disc / local alien invasion, you
may or may not be able to make an ISO directly from a disc.

If you want to give it a whirl, I recommend ddrescue:

  $ ddrescue -b 2048 -n /dev/sr0 dvd.iso ddrescue.log

I try porting my code to other systems, and in addition to popular Linux
distros, it runs fine on BSD systems as well.

See also:

  * - similar tools for Blu-ray discs
  * - my site all about DVDs
  * - I store some source tarballs here
  * http://nx.beandog - my *n*x wiki
  * - my twitter feed
  * - my *very old* blog with some multimedia content
  * - Gentoo Linux Multimedia

Other stuff:

I don't have my own tool to copy the entire DVD file structure to the
filesystem, simply because I don't really need one. I use dvdbackup, and that's
what I'd recommend. See


I love hunting down anomalies, so if you run into something odd on a disc, let
me know and I'd love to look into it. Bug reports are good, too.

If you want to say thanks, buy me a Blu-ray disc :D There's nothing I'd love
more than a new disc to play with (and something to watch as well).
Here's my Amazon wishlist: if you're feeling generous!

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at


Licensed under GPL-2. See


Linux/BSD/Cygwin DVD utilities - dvd_info, dvd_copy, dvd_drive_status, dvd_eject, dvd_backup, dvd_player, dvd_trip, dvd_debug








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