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Fetches balances from Bitstamp API and returns them as securities


  • Download Bitstamp extension bitstamp.lua
  • In MoneyMoney app open “Help” Menu and hit “Show database in finder” (
  • Copy bitstamp.lua in extensions folder
  • In MoneyMoney app open “Preferences” > “Extensions” and make sure “bitstamp” show up (to use unsigned extension uncheck “verify digital signatures of extensions” at the bottom)
  • Login to
  • To get an API key, go to "Account" > "Security" > "API Access"
  • Check permission “Account Balance” (other fields can stay blank) and hit “Generate key”
  • On the next screen hit “Active key” and confirm link in bitstamp email
  • Finally in MoneyMoney add new bitstamp account and use your bitstamp customer id, API key and API secret


Add a new account (type Bitstamp Account”)

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Always assumes EUR as base currency