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Some community tools for managing beanstalkd

Deployment and automated installation


Administation Interfaces


  • beanstalkd-cli Beanstalkd CLI tool
  • beanstalk-tools CLI to Dump various stats, and nagios plugin
  • Queueit CLI interface to integrate beanstalkd into shell scripts.
  • beanstool Dependency free beanstalkd admin tool, written in Go
  • artisan-beans Beanstalkd artisan CLI admin tool for Laravel 5 projects.
  • beanwalker Very simple interactive console based beanstalkd monitor and admin tool written in Go.
  • LeezyPheanstalkBundle Symfony2 Bundle that provides a pheanstalk integration with the following : CLI Management, Event Dispatcher, Symfony Profiler, PSR-3 Logger


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