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## Errata from the 2nd edition
1. Page 27, line 5. In the first answer “median launch speed” should be “median launch angle”.
2. Page 52, code at the bottom. The "crcblue" color is not defined.
It is defined by crcblue <- "#2905a1". This change is included in the global_config.R file in the chapter_code folder.
3. Page 59: First sentence of 2.10.1. Replace “… operation to over a sequence of inputs” with “… operation over a sequence of inputs” .
4. Page 147: Figure 6.2: The strike values 012 are not placed under their tick marks.
5. Page 165, top paragraph. The definition of a called strike as type = "S" is incorrect.
The des variable indicates the result of the pitch. The values "Ball", "Ball in Dirt",
"Called Strike", "Intent Ball", "Pitchout" are when the batter does not swing
and we are interested in the "Called Strike" outcome for these no-swing pitches. This
error impacts the results in the remainder of this chapter.
6. Page 222: In top paragraph, Detroit did not make the World series in this simulation.