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Ant + Ivy setup example to run the JSR-380 TCK

This is an example setup to run the Bean Validation TCK 2.0 against Glassfish 5 (the Java EE 8 reference implementation) using Ant + Ivy as build environment.


How to run

  1. Extract Glassfish into a directory (this directory is referenced subsequently as <container.home>)

  2. Add the JVM option validation.provider to domain.xml under <container.home>/glassfish/domains/domain1/config in the section (this is used by the test harness to look up the Bean Validation provider under test):

  3. Make sure that container.home in points to your <container.home> directory

  4. Run once:

     ant install-testng-jar
  5. Run the TCK tests:

     ant test
  6. Test results can be found in target/test-results/index.html

How does it work


Ivy is used to download all the required dependencies. The following files are involved in the Ivy setup

  • ivy.xml - Lists all required dependencies to run the TCK
  • ivysettings.xml - Defines the repository URLs for the dependencies


  • build.xml - The main Ant build file. Bootstraps Ivy, downloads dependencies, copy resources and runs the tests
  • - Defines properties for the build. Location of the app server, dependency versions, etc


  • arquillian.xml - Arquillian configuration file. Defines container protocol and settings