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JSR-380 TCK setup examples

This directory contains Ant and Maven setup examples for running the Bean Validation TCK against Glassfish 5, the reference implementation of Java EE 8.

Each setup contains a readme outlining how to run the test harness using the given build system. These setups serve as guide and can be adjusted to run against other EE containers. An example for running against WildFly can be found as part of the Hibernate Validator TCK Runner setup. It is the responsibility of the container to provide all Bean Validation dependencies, namely the Bean Validation API as well as the Bean Validation provider. The latter is the so called Bean Validation provider under test.

Generally, to adjust the build script to another container, you would have to:

  • Change the validation.provider property to the fully qualified class name of your Bean Validation provider.
  • Change the Arquillian container adapter dependency to use the adapter suitable for your container (see container adapters). If there is no such adapter you have to write your own. You can look at the standalone container adapter provided by this TCK in order to run test in the current JVM. It is a simple version of a container adapter, but still contains all the required pieces.
  • Change the container.home property to point to your container.
  • Update the arquillian.xml configuration to match the required settings for your container.
  • Make sure that the container starts with the system property validation.provider to the fully qualified class name of your Bean Validation implementation.

Note, that is it not enough to just run and pass the TCK tests in order to be compliant Bean Validation implementation. An other requirement for example is to pass the API signature test. More information about all requirements of the Bean Validation TCK can be found here.