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b# How to build

A bit of Git, a bit of Ruby and you will get your local served.


  • Get Git
  • Get a Ruby > 1.9
  • Get RVM to manage separate Ruby environments (optional - you should know what and why you do it)


Get the source

> git clone
> cd


Make sure Rake is available. It is often installed per default.

> rake --version
rake, version 0.9.6

If you get command not found:

gem install rake


Make sure Bundler is available. It manages your Ruby gems locally to the project and prevents version conflicts between different Ruby projects. To quote from the website:

Bundler provides a consistent environment for Ruby projects by tracking and installing the exact gems and versions that are needed.

> bundle -v
Bundler version 1.6.2

If you get command not found:

gem install bundler

Install dependencies

rake setup[local]
rake check

Serve the site locally

rake preview

Point your browser to http://localhost:4242

Tips & Tricks

Which other tasks exist in the Rake build file?

> rake --tasks

This will list the available tasks with a short description

I am getting errors when trying to execute awestruct directly

You need to use bundle exec <command> to make sure you get all required Gems. Check the Rakefile to see how the different awestruct calls are wrapped.

If your changes are not visible...

Panic! Then completely regenerate the site via:

rake clean preview


The content of this repository is released under the ASL 2.0.

By submitting a pull request or otherwise contributing to this repository, you agree to license your contribution under the respective licenses mentioned above.