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論及 ronkyuu - mention, reference to, touching upon

Python package to help with parsing, handling and other manipulations of the IndieWeb Toolkit items, such as:

  • Webmention
  • Discovery of mentions in a publisher's post, the handling of finding what the Webmention callback is for the reference and also handling of incoming Webmention requests are handled.
  • RelMe
  • Take a source URL and a resource URL that is supposed to be a rel=me for the source and verify that it is.

See the examples/ directory for sample command line tools.

Because Ronkyuu uses BeautifulSoup4 for it's amazing HTML wrangling ability, you have the option of enabling faster parsing via the lxml package instead of the default html5lib package. This is done by having lxml installed and...

import ronkyuu



  • bear (Mike Taylor)
  • kartikprabhu (Kartik Prabhu)



Find all elements in the html returned for a post. If any have an href attribute that is not from the one of the items in domains, append it to our lists.


Search the given html content for all elements and return any discovered WebMention URL.


Discover any WebMention endpoint for a given URL.

sendWebmention(sourceURL, targetURL, webmention=None)

Send to the targetURL a WebMention for the sourceURL. The WebMention will be discovered if not given in the optional webmention parameter.



Find all elements in the given html for a post. If any have an href attribute that is rel="me" then include it in the result.


Determine if a given resourceURL is authoritative for the profileURL. The list of rel="me" links will be discovered if not provided in the optional profileRelMes parameter or the resourceRelMes paramter.


URLValidator class

TODO: fill in details of how to use


Python v3.7+ but see Pipfile for a full list. The Makefile takes advantage of Pipenv (which will use pyenv if installed) to manage the Python dependencies.

For testing we use httmock to mock the web calls.

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