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Bearcoin is a Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency built on Scrypt algo. Bearcoin nodes are built-in, no need to setup any additional files. with powerful development plans, roadmap and bears community, we can get something good by the end!

#UPDATE To solve the found problem and the late transaction confirmations, We completely rebuilt bear project to solve all of the problems we faced on the previous release. For this release we added more features to the project and made it more user/eco friendly.

Bearcoin details:- Algorithm: Scrypt Type: PoW/PoS abbreviation: BAR RPC port: 28698 P2P port: 28697 Block reward: 500 coins PoS rate: 100% yearly Last PoW block: 9999 Coinbase maturity: 10 blocks Target spacing: 64 seconds Target timespan: 1 block Transaction confirmations: 3 blocks

Total coin supply 221052632 coins

Links& Downloads:-

Official website: Windows wallet: Linux wallet: Daemon: Sourcecode: Official Block Explorer: Twitter: