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Is it possible to add 'newsuperior' to the modrdn function? #1

MattMencel opened this Issue Apr 16, 2010 · 2 comments


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No idea if this would work....but the PERL examples I've seen put newsuperior before deleteoldrdn in the params list.




  • call-seq:

  • conn.modrdn(dn, new_rdn, new_superior, delete_old_rdn) => self

  • Modify the RDN of the entry with DN, +dn+, giving it the new RDN,

  • +new_rdn+. Move to a new container if +new_superior+ is given.

  • If +delete_old_rdn+ is true, the old RDN value will be deleted from

  • the entry.
    rb_ldap_conn_modrdn_s (VALUE self, VALUE dn, VALUE newrdn, , VALUE newsuperior, VALUE delete_p)
    RB_LDAP_DATA *ldapdata;
    char *c_dn;
    char *c_newrdn;
    char *c_newsuperior;
    int c_delete_p;

    GET_LDAP_DATA (self, ldapdata);
    c_dn = StringValueCStr (dn);
    c_newrdn = StringValueCStr (newrdn);
    c_newsuperior = StringValueCStr (newsuperior);
    c_delete_p = (delete_p == Qtrue) ? 1 : 0;

    ldapdata->err = ldap_modrdn2_s (ldapdata->ldap, c_dn, c_newrdn, c_newsuperior, c_delete_p);
    Check_LDAP_Result (ldapdata->err);

    return self;

conn.c line 1796

/* If the number here specifies the number of required params...

  • then it should be 3 and not 4...
  • but I wasn't sure exactly what to do except it was related
  • to the number of params.
    rb_ldap_conn_define_method ("modrdn", rb_ldap_conn_modrdn_s, 4);

win/winldap.h line 286

ULONG ldap_modrdn2_s(LDAP *ld, PCHAR olddn, PCHAR newdn, PCHAR newsuperior, int delold_flag);

rbldap.h line 117

VALUE rb_ldap_conn_modrdn_s (VALUE, VALUE, VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);

Any further thoughts on this? Right now I have my ruby program doing an external call out to a perl script for these newsuperior actions.


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