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How to use?

This library is still under development, but should be mostly in a stable state. If you intend to use this library in your project, please feel free to get in touch so that we can reach out if we want to make big changes.

The easiest way to use this library is to add the NuGet package to your project. Search for "Bearded.Utilities" in the NuGet package browser, or check the install instructions on the NuGet package page.

What's this?

Bearded.Utilities is a C# library full of useful utilities for games and other applications.

Most of it is extracted from or written explicitly for the projects of Paul Scharf and Tom Rijnbeek, including Roche Fusion and TD.

Collaborate & Share!

We believe in reusing useful and generic code to accelerate development. With this project, we want to compile and share code that we find useful and reusable.

If you have similar code that you think would add something to the library, please feel free to make a pull request!

If you find a bug, or something else that can be improved, or if you would like to request a feature for us to include, feel free to open a new issue.

Further, please feel free to share a link to our official repository with anybody who may be interested.

MIT Licensed!

As specified in LICENSE, you are free to use any part of this project for whatever purpose you like, including commercial ones. We suggest and would appreciate it - though this is entirely optional - if you gave us appropriate credit, when using significant parts of the library, for example by linking back to the repository in the readme or credits section of your application.

Happy coding!