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Some noodley bits for plotting with chiplotle
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Ronald Tools

These are some tools I'm noodling with to make my plotting with Chiplotle tastier and more efficient. Currently, I'm focused on optimizing the drawing path to minimize seek times.

I'm learning python as I go, so do be gentle, but feel free to tell me all about how stupid I am.


Slurp in PUs and PDs, and converts them to a chiplotle group of simple paths. This is probably very fragile, but its works on the simple output of pstoedit -f hpgl.

distance_between_coordinates(p1, p2)

Doi. Pass it two coordinate objects, recieve the distance between them in plotter units.


Takes a path object, returns its ful length in plotter units.


Takes a chiplotle group of paths, returns the total length the pen was down.


Takes a chiplotle group of paths, return the total length of seeks between paths.


In progress. Reports on drawing vs. seeking, possibly with comparisons between sorting routines.