Small website generator written in Python
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A simple website and blog generator written in Python

Work in progress, but basic features done.

TinyGen is in early stages. It is not ready for production use

Tested on Linux and Windows


Linux & Mac

Debian Based Distros

There is an installation script for Debian (verified for Jessie & Stretch). It should also work for other Debian-based distros.

Download and run the script: wget && chmod +x && ./

Other Linux and Mac

  • Install git with your system package manager if needed
  • Install Python 3 and python3-pip with your system package manager
  • Install Python Markdown with pip
  • Clone this repo


  • Install Git
  • Install Python 3 and python3-pip
  • Install Python Markdown with pip
  • Clone this repo

Current features:

  • Less than 950 lines of code
  • Generates light weight but readable HTML.
  • No JavaScript by default (you can still use JS if you like though)
  • Theme system
  • Plugin system with API (currently undocumented)
  • Markdown and HTML support
  • RSS feed for blog
  • Built in web server for testing
  • Draft system

To do list:

  • Static blog support
  • Compatibility with Windows & most *nix distros
  • Better output with color support
  • Plugin support
  • Theme support
  • Built in web server (for testing purposes)
  • Markdown support
  • Publish to free site hosting server
  • RSS Blog Feeds
  • Document the code, plugin API, and theme system

Reporting issues

When filing an issue please:

  • Check for similar existing issues, both closed and open
  • Take screenshots if helpful in the context
  • Report Tinygen, Python, and OS version (and if a html/css bug, browser version(s))
  • Be respectful, and try to use good english (if English is not your first language, I will be patient, but please try.)


I welcome well made pull requests, but please get in touch with me first if you want to do non-trivial changes.

Also consider if your feature would be better suited as a plugin or theme