VOIP honeypot using asterisk.
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Project VOIP

Project VOIP was meant to be a VOIP honeypot but I havent had much time to
develop it so I am uploading everything I have so far here :-) 

Project VOIP is based on phorensix v.1 by J. Oquendo / sil @ infiltrated dot net.

Phorensix was scripted in bash and logged all information to a series of files. 
Project VOIP is coded in Ruby has been updated to work with the latest version of
asterisk and also logs all information to a MySQL database. 

Jay Scott <jay@jayscott.co.uk>

What it does

-> Logs the following information to a mysql database: 
 -> IP Address information
   -> Peer(s) AS Number
   -> Netblock AS Number
   -> Netblock Prefix
   -> AS Name
   -> AS Country
   -> AS Domain name
   -> ISP Name
 -> Number called
 -> SIP Agent
 -> SIP Channel used.
 -> Traceroute of the IP Address
 -> Packet capture of the session (.cap file)
 -> Recording of the call  (.wav)


Install Tshark and ruby gems if not installed already

 - apt-get install tshark rubygems mysql-client libmysqlclient-dev

Install the ruby gem files for mysql

  gem install mysql

Use the configs below as a template, changing the values as appropriate