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An open-source PHP framework. Incredibly lightweight. Powerful enough.
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Bear Framework

Incredibly lightweight. Powerful enough.

An open-source PHP framework that can help you build successful projects better. It's also easy to install and extend. Just like you'd expect from a modern framework.

Bear Framework provides all the basic tools you need to develop a modern website or application. You've got routing, data storage, addons, logs, assets helpers and few more useful tools.

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Simple and powerful

Bear Framework is one of the easiest PHP frameworks you can find. See for yourself. Here is a simple app that outputs 'Hi'.

require 'path/to/vendor/autoload.php';
use BearFramework\App;

$app = new App();

$app->routes->add('/', function() {
    return new App\Response('Hi');


Download and install

  • Install via Composer
composer require bearframework/bearframework

or the following command to create a sleketon application

composer create-project bearframework/app [my-app-name]
  • Download a zip/phar file

Download the latest release from our GitHub page.


Documentation is available at

How to run the tests

After installing the dependencies with Composer, you will have a local version of PHPUnit. You can run the tests like this: vendor/bin/phpunit tests/.


Bear Framework is open-source software. It's free to use under the MIT license. See the license file for more information.

Let's talk

Follow and contact Bear Framework team at, Twitter (@bearframework) and Facebook.

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