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Image of example quote

Table of Contents


Click here for the latest release.


If you haven't already, download Quotecord here.

Finding Token ID

Screenshot of application tab

Your token ID is what identifies your Discord account. Quotecord needs your token ID to create and send quotes from your account.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + I (for Mac the keybind is CMD + Option + I) while the Discord window is opened.

  2. Switch to the Application tab in the window that appears.

  3. Expand the Local Storage drop-down on the left and click on the Discord URL.

  4. Find the token key in the list that appears: the value is your token ID.


Once Quotecord has been opened, it will create a config.json file in the program's directory. Open the file using a text editor and add your token ID in between the empty quotation marks. Save the file and relaunch Quotecord to begin using it.

Developer Mode

There is one last step before you can begin quoting messages: enabling a Discord setting which will allow you to copy message IDs, an essential part of how Quotecord is able to identify and quote messages.

  1. Navigate to the Discord settings and go to the Appearance section.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the section and enable the switch labeled Developer Mode.


With Quotecord downloaded, configured, and running, you can now quote other users' messages! Follow the simple steps below to learn how:

  1. Right click the message you would like to quote and select Copy ID.

  2. Type {quote:MESSAGE_ID_HERE} with MESSGAGE_ID_HERE replaced by the message ID obtained in the previous step

  3. Send!

Important Note

Screenshot of Discord Support article on self-bots

While it is unlikely that action will be taken against a self-bot account doing small tasks (such as quoting), please use Quotecord at your own risk. Discord's official stance on self-bots is that they are forbidden.