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The Game of Game of Games - Unity3D Project
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The Game of Game of Games

The Game of Game of Games Logo

A game created by Mark Arneman for the #TVGameJam.

Play in your browser or download it here!

View the highscores online!


The Game of Game of Games is my entry into the #TVGameJam. This was a solo development effort as well as my first released game! It was inspired by the television show, Ellen's Game of Games.

The project source is available on GitHub​

The player is prompted to select a category and answer the corresponding questions within a ten second time limit. If they get one answer wrong they fail the category and must choose another. Three strikes and you're out! There is also a challenge mode that endlessly shuffles categories until the strike limit is reached.

The game treats each correct answer as a point and stores the time remaining for every correct answer as the player's speed. Scores are submitted to the leaderboard sorted by questions correct and then by speed.

Thanks to my wonderful wife Carina for help with design, playtesting, and research


Data Classes

Data Classes

The questions are entered by [System.Serializable] classes within Unity's Inspector making them easy to change from within the editor.


The 'Secret' class is meant to keep the Dreamlo private keys out of the public git repository. There is a Secret.cs.example file to be renamed to Secret.cs and modified with your information.

Web Leaderboard


MIT License

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