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What is this?

This plugin provides an ability to make a link to files on your server share.

How to Install

  1. If you have 'git' installed on your system:

    1. Run the commands below:

      $ cd $(REDMINE_HOME)
      $ ruby script/plugin install git://
    2. Restart Redmine

  2. Otherwise

    1. Download an archived version (.zip file) of the plugin from

    2. Unzip it. You are going to have redmine_wiki_unc_xxxxxxx directory. ('xxxxxxx' might be a combination of some characters)

    3. Move the directory into redminevendorplugins\ directory. (You'll get redminevendorpluginsredmine_wiki_unc_xxxxxxx\ directory and have some files in the directory.)

    4. Restart Redmine

Note: Currently you don't have to do 'rake db:migrate_plugins' because this plugin does not use DBs.

How to use

  1. Wherever you can use Wiki notation, you can write 'unc' macro like this:


    The path is the thing just copied from Windows Explorer. You need to trim double quotation marks (“…”) surrounding the path if exists. The path can be containing white-space without the double quotation marks. The path cannot be containing comma(,).

  2. Then you'll get the HTML tags below:

    <a href="file://///server-name/dir/to/file">\\server-name\dir\to\file</a>

    You can save time to type '/' 5 times! :)

How to update the installed version

  1. If you have the old version installed using 'git':

    1. Run the commands below:

      $ cd $(REDMINE_HOME)/vendor/plugins/redmien_wiki_unc
      $ git pull origin master
    2. Restart Redmine

  2. Otherwise

    1. Repeat the steps for the installation. (Taking a backup – just copying the plugin directory to other place – is recomennded)


  1. You can specify a 'label' instead of displaying UNC path.

    {{unc(\\server-name\dir\to\file, Label of the file)}}

    Then you'll get the HTML tags below:

    <a href="file://///server-name/dir/to/file">Label of the file</a>
  2. If you are using Firefox, you'll be happy with LocalLink plugin. (Update: The plugin is currently not working with the latest version of Firefox.)

    If you are using Chrome, you'll be happy with LocalLinks plugin.

    Internet Explorer can handle file:// scheme without any add-ons.

    For other browsers, please let me know how to work with file:// scheme happily.

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