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We're providing Mobile and Full-Stack services to your Startup or Enterprise. #ios #android #react #java #jvm #kotlin #ktor #docker #kubernetes #k8s #faas

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  1. Tailor Public

    An OS X status bar app to quickly check for new releases at

    Swift 103 7

  2. A sample project for a static landing page for iOS apps, using Publish

    Swift 97 7

  3. Public archive

    An index of curated TestFlight beta builds. 📱 Feel free to raise a PR if you want to promote your app.

    Swift 14 5

  4. A Vapor 4 Middleware implementing the  DeviceCheck API

    Swift 9 1

  5. A simple, reusable and easy to read implementation of a UITableViewController

    Swift 3

  6. A JavaScript Module to verify an Apple Device Token against their DeviceCheck Servers

    JavaScript 2


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